Center for Work Science (CWS) conducts research on issues related to the emerging new ways of working with information and communication technologies. Established within the Institute of Convergence Science at Yonsei University in 2014, our mission is to develop frameworks and concepts with empirical support, for the new 'work science' in order to help executives address the technology related challenges in managing organizations of the future. Research results are disseminated primarily through working papers, research briefings, forums and conferences.

Designing Individually Crafted Knowledge Work Management Schemes

With smart technologies in hand, workers are now equipped with multiple smart devices allowing them to work anywhere anytime. However, these technologies seems to work as a double edged sword - working times can be flexible but also at the same time, workers are technologically alert 24/7. Surrounded by smart devices all the time with fragmented systems around them, workers need to pay more attentions to their time and task management. Henceforth, job crafting which was which should be differentiated from evasive maneuvers at work.

Human Centered from Process Centered

Team Play: From Coordination to Collaboration

Disruptions by CASMIT (Cloud, Analytics, Social, Mobile, IoT)