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Developing a Real-time Cashflow Management System for National R&D Management

Han, S.-y., Lee, H., & Lee, J. (2014). Developing a Real-time Cashflow Management System for National R&D Management. Journal of the Korea Society of IT Services, 13(3), 343-357.

As science and technology infiltrates every aspects of modern society in terms of economic and social growth and development, funding for research and development (R&D) is growing rapidly. Republic of Korea is not an exception in this trend and the R&D funding in Korea has been grown about 10% every year, recently. However, as the scope and size of funding grows exponentially, need for monitoring and managing these R&D projects becoming more and more imminent. Though different types of project management systems were developed by a variety of agencies and departments and used in monitoring and managing, these systems were developed as standalone silo type systems. These systems are not connected to each other while the same researchers may involved in different projects across agencies and department. Also, these management systems are not linked to the banking systems in which real transactions of funding occurs, such as cost reimbursement and financial audit of each R&D accounts. Historically, a few fraud and malappropriation cases were found and indicted. However, as the number of these incidents grows along with the growth of R&D funding, a large scale integration/linking of project management systems and banking systems. Realizing the importance of systems integration among agencies as well as with the banking systems, situational requirements analyses were conducted concerning the current state of R&D management system. As a results, a Real-time Case Management System (RCMS) was proposed as a solution to current problems. In this paper, the collected systems requirements were documents with analyses of the situation, the architecture of the integrated systems with more user-friendly technological alternatives. This large scale linkage requires interface standardization as well as modularization of interfaces. Proposed systems architecture is introduced here with technical details of Jex Framework used,, followed by resulting technical and economic performance of the Realtime Cashflow Management System (RCMS).

R&D, Real Time Cash Management, Cash Management Systems, Research Management, Project Management