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[KCI] A Study on the Development of an Assessment Framework for Smart Work Readiness

Lee, J., Lee, H., & Lee, S. (2013). A Study on the Development of an Assessment Framework for Smart Work Readiness. Informatization policy, 20(2), 3-21. 

Rapid development of information and communication technologies leads firms to take ‘smart work’into serious consideration as a new way of working in coming knowledge and information society. However, some jobs may be fit for smart work while some may be not. A 2x2 framework for smart work readiness assessment is developed in this study through the review of extant literature and a series of focus group activities. Two critical dimensions of smart work are derived and presented as a result: smartness (knowledge versus data) and mobility (mobile versus static). Knowledge intensive jobs with possible mobility seem to be the target group that can be easily converted to smart work while mobile workers with interactive data processing devices seem to be already doing smart work. As mobility is a critical presumption for work to be flexible in terms of time and place, jobs with no mobility are assessed here as not ready for smart work at least at present. This framework is experimentally applied against the published job statistics 2011 in Korea, and used to estimate the number of workers ready for smart work. As a conclusion, discussions on policy implications and further research issues are made at the end.

smart work, smart work readiness framework, readiness assessment, knowledge work, mobile work