Dear Researchers and Practitioners around the World:

Welcome to the CWS, a research center at the Institute of Convergence Science at Yonsei University. In this time of economic and managerial turbulence, CWS is targeting to research on developing frameworks and concepts for future ways of working in the information and knowledge based society.

Via close interaction with private industries and public services, researchers at CWS are conducting an integrative and insightful research on New Ways of Working with ICT, and many other topics of interest to business executives and practitioners. We will be developing concepts and frameworks to guide building novel practices of management in information society.

Make sure you look into the project pages in which our key research topics are presented with publications and information on upcoming events, and ways for you to become part of WSRC community and get involved.


Jungwoo Lee
Director and Professor, CWS at Yonsei ICONS

Center for Work Science
Institute of Convergence Science

#412 New Millennium Hall, Yonsei University,
50 Yonsei-ro, Sudaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 120-749
Phone: +82-10-5398-7751